Countries named whose residents most often travel abroad by plane

Residents of the UK, USA and China most often traveled abroad by plane in 2018. This was shown by a study by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), according to Interfax.

So, in 2018, 126.2 million Britons took advantage of international flights, which is 8.6% of the global passenger flow. Americans are the second (111.5 million, 7.6% of all passengers), and residents of China are the third (97 million, 6.6%). The Top-5 also included residents of Germany (94.3 million) and France (59.8 million).

In total, all airlines in the world transported 4.4 billion passengers on scheduled flights in 2018, which is by 6.9% more than a year earlier. According to IATA, the share of low-cost air carriers is growing from year to year.

The largest number of passengers was carried by airlines in the Asia-Pacific region (1.6 billion, + 9.2% compared with last year), Europe (1.1 billion, + 6.6%) and North America (989.4 million, + 4.8%). Significantly fewer passengers were served by carriers in Latin America (302.2 million people, + 5.7%) and Africa (92 million, + 5.5%).

The busiest international routes were Hong Kong – Taipei, Bangkok – Hong Kong, Jakarta – Singapore, Seoul – Osaka, Kuala Lumpur – Singapore. All of them are in Asia.

Most of the passengers on domestic flights were transported on such air routes, as Juju – Seoul (South Korea), Fukuoka – Tokyo (Japan), Melbourne – Sydney (Australia), Sapporo – Tokyo (Japan) and Beijing – Shanghai (China).

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