E-Gate system operates uninterruptedly at airports in Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek, Osh – the border service

The border service responded to the information that the e-gate system installed at the air checkpoints is malfunctioning.

According to the state border service, the e-gate units installed at the Manas and Osh international airports’ checkpoints are functioning.

“Citizens of Kyrgyzstan who have a biometric passport actively use the system. Some citizens put into the device not biometric passports of the 2017-production model, but their ID-cards of the 2004-model. But such cases are exceptions that are within the statistical error. If the data is entered incorrectly, the system immediately gives the result “Please contact the border guard.” We give citizens the choice: use new equipment or pass control in the traditional way. Number of e-gate users is continuously growing, especially among those who have already enjoyed and quickly oriented in the e-gate system”, one said in a statement.

Source – https://knews.kg/

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