Over 300 flights cancelled at Hong Kong airport due to protests

Over 300 flights were cancelled on Tuesday at Hong Kong International Airport, which is intermittent due to mass protests, the South China Morning Post reported, Trend informed with reference to TASS.

On Monday, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the halls, forcing the airport administration to cancel all departing evening flights. It was planned to normalize work on Tuesday morning, but this has not yet been possible.

In particular, dozens of flights were cancelled by the largest Cathay Pacific Airlines. The value of its shares fell by 4.3% on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

A protest rally in the arrivals hall began on Friday and was supposed to last three days. However, its participants decided on Monday to hold an even more massive gathering at the international airport and block its work after reports that a policeman accidentally knocked out an activist’s eye by shooting from traumatic weapons during operations to disperse protesters.

Air service with Hong Kong International Airport, on the territory of which the demonstrators staged a protest rally leading to the cancellation of hundreds of flights, has been resumed, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported on Tuesday, Trend reports with reference to TASS.

“We have resumed check-in for flights,” an airport spokesperson told the agency. According to AFP, judging by the airport’s flight schedule, the planes begin to arrive at the airport and depart from it.

Source – https://www.trend.az/

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