FlyArystan plans to open its new base in Kazakhstan’s Karaganda

FlyArystan, the first domestic low-cost airline in Kazakhstan, will open its new base in Karaganda in the Q2 2020, the air carrier reported at a press breakfast for the Karaganda media, which took place in Karaganda today, August 15, 2019.

Karaganda is the first regional city to open a new base in. Currently, all FlyArystan flights are operated from one base in Almaty. The regional office will begin its work with one Airbus A320 fleet, and later another airliner will be added.

Since the beginning of FlyArystan’s domestic operations en route Almaty – Karaganda – Almaty, more than 200 flights have been carried out with an average carrying capacity of 93%. About half of all air tickets sold for these flights were sold at minimum rates, costing up to KZT 10 thousand.

Ibrahim Zhanlyel, Executive Director of Finance, Air Astana JSC, believes that the base in the fourth largest metropolis of the country will provide a lot of opportunities for the development of the entire region. “Since the advent of FlyArystan in three months, passenger traffic at the Sary-Arka International Airport in Karaganda has increased by 49%, as compared to the same period last year. “Starting from the Q2 2020, we plan to expand the air route network from Karaganda. So, after increasing the air fleet to two Airbus A320 airliners the number of domestic and international destinations will reach 10-12, providing passengers with up to 1 million seats a year, and this, in turn, will increase the tourist flow, which will entail the active development of the hotel, restaurant, shopping, entertainment, and other services. More flights and air routes mean more opportunities to travel from / to Karaganda at affordable prices. These are positive changes for the Karaganda region, which we hope will be followed by other areas, working with the domestic low-cost FlyArystan Airlines”, Mr. Zhanlyel noted.

After the opening of the base in Karaganda, a set of 100-120 jobs will be opened for pilots, flight attendants, engineers and ground handling personnel.

Sarsenbek Kushkinov, Chairperson, Board of Directors, Sary-Arka Airport JSC, believes that the decision to locate FlyArystan’s aircraft at Sary-Arka airport confirms the right strategic course to develop the domestic low-cost airline in terms of cost management. “Our partnership agreement follows international practice when low-cost airlines opt for regional airports in order to ensure competitive prices for flights. Karaganda has unique weather conditions in terms of visibility and other key flight parameters at any time of the year and there is all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay and timely service with a projected two-fold increase in passenger traffic next year,” Mr. Kushkinov said.

FlyArystan Airlines is a division of Air Astana, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and awarded the rating of a four-star airline for quality of service, as well as the “Best Airline of Central Asia and India” award according to the Skytrax World Airline Awards.

The FlyArystan fleet consists of two Airbus A320 aircraft in a configuration of 180 passenger seats, the average age of which is six years of operation.

By 2022, there are plans to increase the airline’s fleet to 15 aircraft, which will be based in different cities of Kazakhstan.

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