Avionics shipments grow 10 consecutive quarters

According to data released by the Aviation Electronics Association, during the Jan-Jun 2019 period, sales of avionics for business and general aviation increased by 14%, as compared to last year, to just over US $ 1.5 billion.

Direct avionics supplies to aircraft manufacturers jumped by 26.9% to US $ 712.554 million, while sales for modernization increased by 4% to US $ 794.340 million.

Mike Adamson, AEA President and CEO, said, “Avionics sales for general aviation and business aviation are currently up from the same period last year and are growing for 10 consecutive quarters. In addition to the workload of ADS-B equipment, our MRO members continue to report a growing number of dashboard modifications with new LCD displays and digital autopilots, as well as a continuing interest in in-flight communications solutions.”

According to AEA, 74.9% of total avionics sales were in North America during the considering period this year.

The data presented is based on a net selling price and includes all components and accessories in the cockpit, saloon, software updates, portable devices, certified and non-certified electronic devices; all equipment; batteries and paid product updates from member manufacturers. Amounts exclude repair and overhaul, extended warranty or subscription service.

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/

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