Tourist police post appears at Almaty International Airport

A tourist police post has appeared at the Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, an Almaty News Agency informed.

Earlier, the new Almaty police unit was deployed at four objects of the city, which are bright landmarks of the megalopolis: Republic Square, Astana Square, the Medeu High-Mountain Sports Center, the Park of the First President of Kazakhstan and Kok-Tobe Park.

“As part of the reform of the internal affairs bodies, as well as the implementation of the Roadmap and the state program aimed to develop the tourism industry, a tourist police unit was created in the Ministry of Internal Affairs several months ago. The goal is to increase the international image and tourist attractiveness of Kazakhstan.

In the structure of our department, tourist police units were created based upon the Migration Service Department. To date, the personnel of the new unit is over 20 people. These are special police officers who, in addition to excellent professional qualities and official skills, speak several foreign languages, in particular, English, French, Chinese and others. To improve knowledge, at present, additional courses, including evening ones, for the study of other foreign languages ​​are organized for the tourist police officers at one of the local universities. “The unit is fully qualified with qualified personnel,” said Izbasar Bekturov, Deputy Head, Police Colonel, Almaty Police Department.

The speaker also noted that the decision to create a post on the territory of the Almaty International Airport was made taking into account the intensive flow of foreign citizens arriving in the city, as they can always contact the police and receive qualified assistance and reference information in a timely manner.

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