Draft of CR929 Russian-Chinese aircraft presented at MAKS-2019

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the Chinese Civil Aircraft Corporation (COMAC) and the CRAIC joint venture presented the Russian-Chinese CR929 draft to the airlines as part of MAKS 2019, the UAC press service said.

“UAC, COMAC, as well as a joint venture named CRAIC held an advisory board with airlines on the CR929 program on August 28 as part of the MAKS-2019 air show business program. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate to potential customers the characteristics of the new wide-body long-haul aircraft and get their suggestions and recommendations for accounting with further design, “the report said.

The event was attended by air carriers and leasing companies from Russia, China, the CIS countries and several other countries. An advisory board with airlines was timed to coincide with the first demonstration in Russia of a full-scale layout of the CR929 cabin and cockpit.

“The concept of the new CR929 product in the far-backed segment is expressed in the offer to the customer both the aircraft itself and a comprehensive service program that allows for uninterrupted operation of the aircraft, reduces the costs required for the operator to create his own warehouse of spare parts and their turnover, offers maintenance services aircraft and training of flight and technical personnel, “the report said.

Russia and China intend to implement plans to create CR929 by 2025-2027. According to the plans of the parties, the created liner with a capacity of 250-300 passengers will compete with the planes of other leading world aircraft manufacturers – European Airbus and U.S. Boeing – and it will occupy a significant market share not only in Russia and China, but also in other countries. The cost of the program is currently estimated in the range of US $ 13-20 billion. The first flight of the aircraft is expected in 2025.

Source – https://www.aviaport.ru/

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