Daily Archives: 02.09.2019

Six predictions to transform the market

Despite the fact that it is even more than a quarter until 2020, there are a number of trends that are beginning to emerge on the horizon and are the subject of discussion among the leading players.

New problems have arisen in resolving the issue to resume flights of Boeing 737 MAX

The resumption of flights for Boeing 737 MAXs may be delayed until the end of 2019 and affect the New Year holidays season due to the conflict between the U.S. Boeing Company and international flight control agents that flared up after a meeting of their representatives in August, Trend reported with reference to TASS.

Why are the flights of the main air carrier in Kazakhstan more expensive than in Europe? – President of Kazakhstan

On September 2, 2019 Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev delivers a message to the people for the first time as President of Kazakhstan at an open joint meeting of the chambers of the Kazakh Parliament.

Civil Aviation Agency responds to Fly Jordan claims

The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), Georgia, said that in connection with the implementation of seven additional flights en route Amman – Batumi – Amman, permission for Fly Jordan’s application was issued on time in a timely manner.

Boeing 737 en route from Yerevan to Moscow makes emergency landing in Tbilisi

A Boeing 737 plane operated by the Armenia air carrier, which was on its way from Yerevan to Moscow, made an emergency landing in Tbilisi due to problems with the aircraft’s electrical devices.

Somon Air to return flights to Moscow to Tajik Air since September 2nd

Somon Air has informed its passengers that, in connection with the resumption of the Tajik Air’s activities, starting from September 2, 2019, the air company stops operating SZ233 and SZ234 flights en route Dushanbe, Tajikistan – Moscow (Domodedovo), Russia – Dushanbe.