Civil Aviation Agency responds to Fly Jordan claims

The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), Georgia, said that in connection with the implementation of seven additional flights en route Amman – Batumi – Amman, permission for Fly Jordan’s application was issued on time in a timely manner.

The CAA explained that the airline appealed to the CAA to operate non-scheduled charter flights on August 21-25, 2019.

“Along with issuing a permit, an additional consultation took place between the aviation authorities, as a result of which the Georgian airline will not have an obstacle in connection with obtaining a similar permit.

It should be noted that the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency issued Fly Jordan airlines permission for 54 flights for the summer air navigation season in 2019. The airline completed 26 flights, and on its own initiative cancelled 16 more flights. As part of the permission issued, Fly Jordan is required to complete 12 flights, and according to a statement made on August 21-25, it required an additional 7 frequencies. The CAA exercises its authority in a timely manner, taking into account the existing legal framework, international practice, and within the framework of the assigned discretion.

The agreement drawn up between Georgia and Jordan on air services is based on liberal principles. Over the past few years, more than one Jordanian airline (Jordanian Royal Wings, Royal Falcon Airlines, Air Arabia Jordan and Fly Jordan) operated on the Georgian civil aviation market without any obstacle and artificial barriers,” the CAA said.

Recall, the official representative of Fly Jordan airline in Georgia stated that the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency does not give permission to Fly Jordan to fly to Georgia for unknown reasons.

“This causes great material damage to both the airline and the economy, and, accordingly, to the Georgian population,” the air company’s representative explained.

According to the air company, the next flight to Batumi, Georgia, for Fly Jordan and the Jordanian company named DALLAS TRAVEL AND TOURISM was scheduled for August 30, 2019.

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