New problems have arisen in resolving the issue to resume flights of Boeing 737 MAX

The resumption of flights for Boeing 737 MAXs may be delayed until the end of 2019 and affect the New Year holidays season due to the conflict between the U.S. Boeing Company and international flight control agents that flared up after a meeting of their representatives in August, Trend reported with reference to TASS.

According to them, representatives of the aviation authorities of the United States, Europe and Brazil criticized Boeing due to the fact that the company did not provide information during the organized meeting about updating the 737 MAX computer control system. The U.S. airline must provide relevant documents on updates to the software for verification by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), after which a second meeting should be held, during which the time period for flights on the simulator, as well as certification, will be determined.

According to the sources of the publication, the forced measures will lead to several more weeks of delays, which minimizes the chances of returning to the United States to fly 737 MAX before the start of the Christmas holidays in December. European aircraft regulators have announced the need for additional checks of the updated computer update system and MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System), which may delay the start of flights until January.

Boeing declined to comment on the outcome of the meeting between the aircraft manufacturer and aircraft regulators in August. The FAA representative, in turn, said that the agency is conducting a thorough check of all 737 MAX updates and does not pursue a clear schedule for the resumption of aircraft operation.

The publication notes that the disagreement occurred due to the detection of a risk to the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX computer-based flight control system, which entailed the need for additional changes to the software, as well as testing.

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