It all started with a flight: Civil Aviation Day celebrated in Tajikistan yesterday

On September 3, Tajikistan celebrated the Civil Aviation Day. It was on this day in 1924 when the Yu-13 aircraft flew en route Bukhara – Dushanbe. It was this date that became key in the civil aviation sector development in Tajikistan.

In 1927, regular flights were launched along the Tashkent – Samarkand – Termez – Dushanbe air route.

In the summer of 1930, an airfield was opened in Dushanbe, the Dushanbe air hub was formed, and the operation of new air routes began, in particular through the Pamir mountain ranges.

In 1931, airfields appeared in Kulyab, Garm, Panj and Dangar. In 1932, a connection was established with Khorog, which was usually reached on horseback for 20 days. By plane, this distance was covered within 2.5 hours.

In March 1937, the Tajik Territorial Civil Air Fleet Administration was formed, and in 1945 new U-52 and Li-2 aircraft appeared in the fleet.

In 1940-1990s, the Tajik Civil Aviation Authority confidently took first places in the USSR Aeroflot in terms of the number of air lines and the share of aviation in passenger and cargo transportation.

In 1945, the Air Traffic Control Service appeared in Tajikistan, and in 1949, the Tajik Airways state airline was created, which is now called Tajik Air.

Currently, this air company is experiencing serious difficulties, but then, at the dawn of the development of civil aviation in Tajikistan, this air carrier represented Tajikistan in the airspace of the USSR.

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