Resident of Kyrgyzstan compares airports in Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Kyrgyzstan’s Bishkek

One of the residents of Kyrgyzstan was shocked by the service at the Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan, he wrote in his Facebook account, writes.

According to the author named Elmar Kim, he was returning with his family from South Korea to his native Kyrgyzstan. The docking was at the Almaty International Airport, where they had to wait for a transfer flight for three hours. During this time, the family decided to use the mother and child’s room. Adults were shocked.

“It seems that Kazakhstan is more economically developed rather than Kyrgyzstan. But, having been in the sterile area of the Almaty International Airport, I think this is far from the case. We flew with small children, so we immediately went to the mother and child’s room. We were shocked there! After the Korean rooms, it seemed that I got back to Kazakhstan, as a part of the former USSR. There was nothing there. Or rather, there was only a couch, as in a perestroika-time hospital, a changing table of the same era, it is not clear whether it was a children’s bed nailed to the wall or something? No toilet, no boiling water to prepare the mixture, not even a napkin was there. The room was about 3 by 2.5 meters. Like a smelly punishment cell, in general,” Elmar Kim writes.

The Kyrgyz was also surprised with the lack of Wi-Fi, sky-high commodity prices and a “wretched” smoking room at the Almaty International Airport.

“Wi-Fi is not available at the airport in Almaty. We turned to the employees of cafes and shops for a password. They said that we would buy something in exchange for a Wi-Fi code. But they all said that we needed to buy a Kazakhstan SIM-card. Why do we need to buy one for just three hours of waiting? We’ll tolerate, we do survive without the Internet. I generally keep quiet about prices but, in my opinion, they are even lower at the London’s Heathrow Airport. The smoking room in Almaty used to be normal and modern. But then it was moved to the first floor, somewhere under the stairs, making it wretched,” he added.

Upon returning to Seoul, this Kyrgyz citizen with his family also needed a children’s room at Manas International Airport in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

“Since our flight was delayed for an hour, we went to the mother and child’s room at Manas airport. And what do I see? Yes, it’s like in Seoul! There is a playground with toys and a mini-slide in front of the room, the room itself is large, with a separate bathroom, cleanliness, normal TV, drinking water, microwave, cabinets, electric kettle and the like.

Sofa, bed, modern changing table, tables for eating, adults and children. And a lot of things that meet modern international standards for International Airport. How time flew by – they didn’t even notice: the children played enough, the mother rested, the baby was washed and fed. We are so thankful from the heart! The airports of Almaty and Manas are the earth and the sky. In the latter, even a smoking room is better. Yes, and Wi-Fi is free!” the young man concluded.

In the comments, many users from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan agreed with the author of the post. “Almaty airport is something! Terrible service, terrible attitude, the prices in the cafe are sky-high,” writes Aliya Sanatova.

One of the compatriots of the Kyrgyz, on the contrary, was satisfied with Almaty and the neighbouring airport.

“I flew to Bishkek through Almaty at the end of July, they delayed the flight to Moscow and, accordingly, we didn’t have time to connect to Bishkek. We were a third of the plane, about 40-50 people. So in the morning representatives of Air Astana sent us on ordinary private traders to the three-star hotel named Mildom. As I was alone, they settled me in a double room, fed me for dinner, drove us back to the airport in a minibus in the evening and put me on a flight to Bishkek. The airport in Almaty is lighter. What infuriates me at Manas, so it’s dark here. Although the departure area in Manas is much more convenient. And our duty-free officers are handsome, they always meet our needs. In Moscow, if you fly to the EAEU countries, no one will sell you anything. They have Almaty, honestly, this is a very cool city, and we have… the Issyk-Kul Lake instead!” he added.

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