Boeing faces with some technical problems when testing its new airliner

The Boeing Company encountered technical problems while testing its new Boeing-777X, TASS reported with reference to the Agency France-Presse (AFP).

According to this source, the tests were interrupted after detecting a problem. It is noted that they were attended by inspectors from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

A Boeing spokesman declined to answer an AFP question about whether the first flights scheduled for early 2020 would be delayed due to a malfunction. “The incident is being studied, the team is working to determine the causes of the problem,” he said.

There are no any reports yet what exactly the problem was.

In July, Boeing decided to postpone the first flight of its 777X model to the beginning of 2020 due to problems related with engine development. Initially, it was scheduled for the fall of 2019, and the first deliveries to customers were expected in 2020.

The newest Boeing-777X wide-body airliner is the longest passenger aircraft in the world. The new model should also become the world’s largest dual-engine passenger aircraft.

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