Leonardo supplied 57 helicopters to its customers in H1 2019

According to the operating results for H1 2019, the helicopter manufacturer named ‘Leonardo Helicopters’ delivered 57 helicopters to its customers.

The total cost of all helicopters is estimated at US $ 563.6 million. AW139 (26 helicopters) remained the leader in supply, followed by AW169 (15 helicopters), AW109 GrandNew (6 helicopters), AW189 / AW149 (4 helicopters), AW109 Power (2 helicopters) and AW101 (two helicopters). According to the results for the first quarter, 19 helicopters were transferred (US $ 189.3 million), in the second quarter, customers received 38 helicopters (US $ 374.3 million).

Alessandra Genko, chief financial officer at Leonardo, said she was “particularly pleased” with the work of the helicopter division. The results of its activities more than compensate for the lower performance in the Leonardo aeronautics and defense, electronics and security divisions. In addition, Mrs. Genko sees “positive signs” of increased demand for helicopters in the energy sector.

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/

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