Former employees of Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Association (CTAPA) forced to build new international airport

Employees of the Tashkent Mechanical Plant (the former Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Association) were “voluntarily-forced” to construct a new international airport and over-ground subway in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Factory workers said that every day, under the threat of dismissal, they were attracted to work that was not related to their professional duties, reports.

Recall the construction of the airport for business aviation based upon the Tashkent-Vostochny airfield in Kibray district, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan, began in 2018. One has already scheduled that the Tashkent-Vostochny airport will be launched by 2021.

The former Chkalov Tashkent Aircraft Production Association was renamed into the Tashkent Mechanical Plant in 2015, which was transferred to be controlled by Uzbekistan Railways JSC.

In recent years, the coercion of state employees to unpaid labour has become widespread in Uzbekistan. Despite the fact that on May 10, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted a Resolution “On Additional Measures to Eradicate Forced Labour in Uzbekistan”, reports continue to be received on the facts of involving employees of state institutions in forced labour.

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