Israel Aerospace Industries opens representation in Azerbaijan

Israel Aerospace Industries has launched its representation in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Taxes registered the company’s representation. The company’s official representative is an Israeli citizen Braiman Zeev.

According to Israeli media, Israel Aerospace Industries is actively cooperating with Azerbaijan. In particular, Azerbaijan bought the Harop drone and other equipment from it.

Israel Aerospace Industries, IAI (Israel Aviation Industry) was founded in 1953. It operates in the military-industrial complex. In particular, the company is engaged in the production of aircraft and avionics, instruments and equipment for space satellites, communications and reconnaissance, one of the world’s leading developers and UAV manufacturers, some of them have no analogues in the world practice of aircraft manufacturing.

IAI is one of the leading technology and industrial companies in Israel, it employs about 16 thousand employees, annual sales exceed $ 3.3 billion.

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