Number of passengers reduces at airports in Georgia’s Tbilisi, Batumi

A decrease in the flow of air passengers was recorded in Tbilisi and Batumi, Georgia, according to Tea Zakaradze, Deputy General Manager, TAV Georgia, as this company manages the airports in these Georgian cities, RT reported.

According to her, there were 17% less passengers at the Tbilisi International Airport and 12% less at the Batumi International Airport in September 2019. Such low rates were recorded for the first time in ten years.

Mrs. Zakaradze explained that the decrease in passenger flow was caused by the cessation of Georgia – Russia flights.

As REGNUM reported earlier, Russia – Georgia air service was terminated in July 2019. This decision was made after the riots in Tbilisi related to the visit of the Russian delegation to this country.

“In August 2019, passenger traffic at the Batumi International Airport was reduced by 20 percent. Over the past ten years, this is the first case of such negative statistics,” Sputnik Georgia quoted Mrs. Zakadze.

She also expressed her hope the situation would improve in 2020.

Georgian authorities expect that this year the country’s tourism sector may lose as many as US $ 710 million.

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