Turkmenistan Airlines still forbidden to fly over EU

Since February 2019, Turkmenistan Airlines has been banned from flying over Europe due to non-compliance with the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

In mid-June 2019, it was reported, including by pro-government Turkmen information resources, that an audit for compliance with European requirements was planned for early August. In the event of its successful passage, the flights of Turkmen aircraft to EU countries should have resumed.

As of October 2, there are still no flights to the EU countries in the schedule of international flights for this Turkmen air carrier.

The ‘Chronicle of Turkmenistan’ requested clarification from the EASA, but agency officials said they could not comment on ongoing inspections. “Airlines that are allowed to fly are listed on our website,” EASA said. There are no Turkmenistan Airlines in this list.

The specific reasons why airlines have banned flights over Europe are not disclosed. According to pro-government Turkmen publications, the problem lies only in the improper technical design of aircraft documentation. Turkmen Boeings were allegedly issued according to U.S. standards, while EASA requires re-registering them according to the European system.

Earlier it was reported that Lufthansa Consulting, Germany, helped this Turkmen air company to pass the audit, which developed a plan to improve the safety management system, develop documentation, train staff, implement software and purchase equipment, and, most importantly, cultural changes in the air company.

Source – https://www.hronikatm.com/

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