Kremlin spokesperson says under what conditions Russia will restore its flights to Georgia

Russia’s flights to Georgia will be restored when it becomes apparent that there will be no return to the “aggressive channel” in relations between the two countries. This was announced to reporters by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

“(Resumption of flights can be expected) when the situation is obvious from the point of view of not returning to an aggressive channel,” he noted. “We can state the first examples of communication – you know about the meeting of two foreign ministers (Russia and Georgia), which took place in New York recently, this is a positive fact. ” At the same time, Mr. Peskov noted that some politicians in Tbilisi greeted this meeting with hostility.

“Now we just need to be patient and fix the moment that will be suitable for the resumption of air travel,” the Kremlin representative summed up.

He also added that the government is in dialogue with airlines regarding compensation for the prohibition of flights to Georgia.

“Of course, there is a topic for communication with airlines (regarding compensation for the flight ban),” he said. “I’m sure that there is a corresponding conversation with our respective departments, the government and companies.”

As previously reported by the Kommersant newspaper, Pobeda prepared a letter to the Ministry of Transport with a request to clarify the timing of compensation for the termination of flights to Georgia. The press service of the TASS low-cost airline confirmed the information on the preparation of such a letter. The letter has already been sent to the Ministry of Transport, the official representative of the airline said.

The company, which operated flights to Tbilisi and Batumi from Russian regions, estimates its losses at RUR 500 million. In general, all Russian airlines have lost more than RUR 1 billion, Kommersant writes.

The issue of providing compensation to airlines for closing flights to Georgia is in progress, the press service of the Ministry of Transport told TASS.

The White House promises to return to the question after the Ministry of Transport has prepared a methodology for calculating airline losses by mid-October, the Kommersant article says.

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