Turkmenistan residents fined for their UAVs

In Lebap, Turkmenistan, law enforcement officers interrogate citizens who have drones/UAVs and write them fines amounting several thousand Turkmen manat each, according to Radio Azatlyk.

“If employees of the authorities find out that someone has a drone, they call the owner of the drone for interrogation and, in some cases, initiate criminal proceedings. Recently they called the owner of one studio that provides video services at weddings in Turkmenabad and interrogated him as a person representing a large danger to state security. He was asked for what purposes he uses the drone, who else has drones, who brings drones and how,” Radio Azatlyk said.

According to this source, the importation of remotely controlled aircraft into the country is prohibited. The import of UAVs is equivalent to the import of weapons, and recently control over their use has been strengthened.

At the same time, videographers working at wedding events widely use the capabilities of drones to improve the quality of services. But it is not known who and how the devices are imported into the country.

“Drones are never sold openly. Now UAVs are fined at the amount of TM 1,000 – 3,000. But authorities warn that if UAV owners are caught again, they will be held criminally liable,” Radio Azatlyk said.

One of the Lebap police officers, on condition of anonymity, told Radio Azatlyk reporter about several reasons for tightening control over the use of UAVs.

“At this time, the Turkmen authorities are worried that someone may be filming video or photo lines in front of grocery stores and the scandals that happen there,” said a police officer who spoke with the correspondent on condition of anonymity.

Radio Azatlyk has previously repeatedly reported that when queues for flour, bread, sugar or vegetable oil occur, the control is carried out by police or civil servants, forbidding customers to take pictures and use mobile phones.

“They make sure that no one takes video or photos,” Azatlyk reporter in Mary reported on September 5, 2019.

Turkmenistan’s authorities have not formally announced a ban to use UAVs by civilians.

Source –  http://ca-news.org/

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