How will the new airport in Kazakhstan’s Shymkent look like?

SCAT Airlines, Kazakhstan, spoke about the construction of a new terminal in Shymkent, reported.

A memorandum on the construction of a new terminal was signed between Shymkent Mayor’s Office and SCAT Airlines a year ago. Victoria Starozhilova, Public Relations Manager, SCAT Airlines, notes that the third megalopolis of the country will have a spacious, modern airport in the second half of 2020 and it will meet all international standards.

Mrs. Starozhilolva told, “Importantly, the airline covers 100 percent of the costs from its own funds without affecting budgetary ones to build a new terminal building. Thanks to the new terminal, passenger traffic will increase from 800 thousand to 3.5 million passengers per year. The parameters of the new terminal include 35,000 square meters of total area with a capacity of 2,000 passengers per hour, the installation of four telescopic ramps, etc. The new terminal’s capacities will serve up to 16 aircraft at a time. Currently, SCAT is carrying out its planned work on a project to build a new terminal. Preparatory work is being carried out, an examination is being conducted, and comments are being eliminated. The new terminal will allow us to develop a transportation hub through transit potential to the countries of Southeast Asia and Europe. In addition, the airline will have the opportunity to build aviation technical and training centers that will train not only our pilots, but will also become a good training base for students.”

It is noted that this is not the first SCAT Airlines’ terminal construction experience. So, for four years, the new terminal of Taraz Airport has been successfully developing. The total area of ​​the terminal is 6800 square meters; the throughput is 600 passengers per hour. The airport is equipped with ground equipment, production warehouses, its own fuel farm. The airline called the project in Taraz uniquely effective.

SCAT Airlines added, “If you take the Taraz airport as an example, an object with an area of ​​6800 square meters created more than 300 jobs. As you know, during the construction of the terminal in Shymkent, which covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters, jobs will be provided several dozen times more. Airport, equipped with modern technologies, it is always attractive for new carriers, and there is a real example: this summer, the Taraz airport for the first time launched a Mongolian Airways cargo aircraft, which will bring an additional increase in eco OMIK region and will give a new impetus to the development of the aviation industry of Kazakhstan.”

According to the airline, modern powerful airports allow not only to develop air route networks to/from the region and build large aviation hubs, but also make it possible to attract foreign air carriers, that is, provide the state with income from foreign investments. The development of air route networks plays a key role in positioning Kazakhstan in the global tourism arena, providing an increase in inbound tourism flows, which also brings additional revenue to the state budget.

SCAT Airlines emphasizes, “According to statistics for 2018, on average, foreign tourists spend $ 200 per day (including hotels, meals, etc.). Given that every tourist spends at least three days in the country, you can imagine the amount of annual investment made by foreign tourists. And if we multiply this figure by the number of launched destinations, then we will understand that the development of inbound tourism provides an increase in investments exponentially. Equally important, the development of air route networks and the system of hubs makes a huge contribution to the development of domestic tourism, which in turn ensures the improvement of regional infrastructure, the creation of new jobs, an increase in the standard of living of the population, etc. We are not talking about sky-high heights, but rather realistic prospects. All this can be realized, but this implementation is possible only on condition that the terminal can provide the necessary throughput for passengers and aircraft.”

“Undoubtedly, the construction of modern terminals requires a serious investment. However, we have far-reaching plans for the development of a new powerful hub based on the airport under construction. The company has already planned to open about 16 international and 12 domestic destinations from Shymkent. We plan to connect the south of Kazakhstan with the Russian Federation, The Baltic states, the Caucasus, the European Union, China, India and Southeast Asia We also look forward to transit flows from neighboring states, with which it is also planned to establish air connections The capacities of the new airport will correspond to those of the largest aviation holdings in the world.”

According to Mrs. Starozhilova, airports of this capacity allow setting minimum rates for the services provided, which ultimately affects the passengers in the most positive way. “To date, the company has already completed about 40 percent of the scheduled work on the terminal project. On July 31, the Government of Kazakhstan issued a decree to classify the construction of the passenger terminal at the airport in Shymkent as unique one,” ​​she added.

“To date, the air company has already spent a large amount of its own funds on the new terminal implementation project in Shymkent. We planned these expenses, we are ready to bear them in anticipation of the emerging opportunities for the development of the region,” SCAT Airlines added.

“Next year, Shymkent will become the cultural capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and one of our main wishes is that in the year of conferring this high rank our native Shymkent will become richer for another city-forming enterprise. We continue to work and we hope that we will be able to give the city this opportunity “, the Air Company summed up.

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