Manas International Airport OJSC congratulates honored aviator, who devoted 55 years to civil aviation industry in Kyrgyzstan

As part of the celebration of the 86th anniversary of the founding the civil aviation sector of the Kyrgyz Republic, Manas International Airport OJSC congratulated the honored aviator Tleukhor Boshumova on the anniversary event and presented a valuable gift – a watch and a ticket to one of the health resorts of Kyrgyzstan.

In 2019, exactly 55 years ago, Tleukhor Boshumova came to civil aviation and conquered the sky of Kyrgyzstan.

“In 1959, I came to the city of Frunze (currently, Bishkek). All the girls sewed, knitted, but it didn’t appeal to me, I was drawn to the sky all the time, and I began to engage in parachuting. In 1964 I came to the flight school, and they told me the staffing had been completed, so we would take you as an announcer, and then after a few months we would transfer you to the school. And it so happened that I became the first announcer of civil aviation. In 1965, I transferred to “fly” and became a flight attendant,” Mrs. Boshumova said.

She spent in the sky the next 17 years and flew over 20 thousand flight hours.

Her fruitful work was marked by the conferment of honorary titles “Honored Aviator of Kyrgyzstan”, “Excellence in Culture of Kyrgyzstan”, as well as Kazakhstani and Russian awards. For many years Mrs. Boshumova has been a member of the Congress of Women of Kyrgyzstan.

Currently she is retired, but continues her beloved business, heading the Museum of Civil Aviation of Kyrgyzstan, which was opened in 2003. With her direct participation, the museum is now located at the Kyrgyz Aviation Institute named after I. Abdraimov. Mrs. Boshumova’s colleagues and friends gathered here to congratulate the hero of the day.

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