Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs: resumption of Russia – Georgia flights is necessary for the peoples of the two countries

Restoring direct flights between Russia and Georgia is in the interests of both countries, said Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani.

“I think the sooner it is restored, the better it will be for Georgia, Russia and for those relations that exist between the peoples,” the Minister told reporters on Thursday.

According to him, he fixed this position at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in New York and wants to repeat once again that, despite the current situation, since June there have been no facts of violence or insults against Russian citizens in Georgia.

“Therefore, I think it should be restored, since relations between peoples, the development of humanitarian relations, the development of tourism are mutually beneficial and I think that this should not be a barrier in relations,” Mr. Zalkaliani said.

At the same time, he emphasized that “where the barrier can be easily removed, it must be removed.”

The suspension of flights will last until the Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines have submitted their aviation security programs to the Russian side, audited and approved by the Russian side, and until the Georgian side has completely paid off the debt for air navigation services, the Ministry of Transport informed.

Previously, regular flights between the Russian Federation and Georgia were interrupted in August 2008 in connection with the armed conflict in South Ossetia. Flights were resumed in August 2010. Moreover, before the resumption of regular flights in September 2014, Russia and Georgia were bound by charter flights.

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