How much does the new airliner that entered Air Astana fleet cost?

According to the previous report, on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 the Kazakhstan’s flag air carrier Air Astana showed its new long-range airliner, Airbus A321LR, to the public.

The presentation of the plane took place in the air carrier’s Aviation Technical Center located at the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Air Astana became the first operator of this aircraft in the CIS and the fifth one in the world.

The presentation was also attended by Air Astana President Peter Foster. Journalists asked him several questions, including the following one: how much does the Airbus A321LR cost?

Mr. Foster replied, “This airliner was purchased under operational leasing. As with most airlines in the world, part of the Air Astana fleet consists of aircraft purchased in ownership, and some of the liners are leased. We leased the new Airbus A321LR from the U.S. Air Lease Corporation, as this is one of the largest leasing companies worldwide. I cannot comment on the amount of lease payments. I can only say that the catalog price of such an aircraft is over US $ 75 million. But given that leasing companies purchase a large number of planes, their final price depends on how they agree with the manufacturer.”

Journalists also recalled the latest problems with the Pratt & Whitney engines that the new Airbus Neo planes are equipped with. Peter Foster wrote himself in the airline’s annual report for 2018: “The number of cases with the replacement and shutdown of engines in flight significantly exceeded the acceptable level, and this fact created inconvenience for our customers: the flight schedule was disrupted, which led to loss of revenue due to further delays in the supply of new aircraft.”

He admitted at the presentation, “Problems with the engine create inconvenience for us. Pratt & Whitney is very active in resolving the issue. But, for example, this new Airbus A321LR came to us five months late. According to plans, today in our fleet there should be four such aircraft, but so far we have received only one. This is one of our main problems at the moment.

Answering the question, whether the low-cost FlyArystan Airlines, a subsidiary of Air Astana, which has been operating on the market for half a year, is profitable or not, Mr. Foster was brief:

– Yes.

In addition, reminded the speaker that Air Astana has delayed the delivery of new Boeing-787 Dreamliners several times. In this regard, the following question was asked.

Rumors are circulating in the market that you can transfer the rights to receive these airliners to another Kazakh airline, namely to SCAT Airlines. How do you comment on this?

– We have a contract with Boeing, according to which the rights cannot be transferred to a third party. Currently, the delivery time for this type of aircraft in Air Astana is 2023,” Peter Foster concluded.

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