Air traffic between Turkmenistan and EU to be expanded

At a working video meeting held on October 14, the chairperson/CEO of Turkmenistan Airlines D. Saburov, informed the President of Turkmenistan of the results of the monitoring conducted by the European Aviation Security Agency (EACA).

It was reported that according to the results of inspections, the main “air gate” of the country – Ashgabat International Airport – was recognized as an exemplary complex in all respects in the transport segment of Turkmenistan, which has considerable reserves to ensure growing volumes of freight and passengers.

Turkmenistan fulfills all its obligations under international conventions governing activities in the field of civil aviation, strictly complies with international standards for the safety of airports and aircraft flights, the formation of crews and ground personnel.

Information was also provided on cooperation with ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. Together with its specialists, work continues on all components of airport and air traffic control. Meetings and consultations are held on a planned basis on international best practice of applying aviation security standards, introducing modern technologies, etc.

As the head of the agency reported, EACA experts gave a good assessment of the work being carried out in our country to ensure the safety of flights operated by Turkmen airlines and the equipment of the country’s airports. Apart from domestic flights, Turkmenistan Airlines’ liners carry out regular flights to various foreign cities, constantly expanding the number of air routes.

As regards services as a whole, the Ashgabat International Airport intends to compete with universally recognized world leaders through the introduction of new technologies in the development of air navigation infrastructure and in improving the quality of passenger service. He is able to receive aircraft of any type and carrying capacity, while providing service at the level of international standards.

According to modern requirements, the work of the border, customs and migration services has been established here. An integrated approach was implemented to ensure all safety criteria and regulations in the system of organization and management, ground movement of aircraft in accordance with high international standards.

One of the main activities for Turkmenistan Airlines includes air cargo and the modernization of its ground handling. The presence of its own production base allows the engineering service of Turkmen airlines to independently carry out laborious maintenance, current and overhaul of Boeing passenger liners of the national park, as well as provide services for aircraft of foreign airlines.

A vital element of safe flying is air traffic control (ATC). A powerful automated system for monitoring weather conditions provides complete control over the movement of aircraft in the airport’s area of ​​responsibility. Great importance is attached to the preparation of the flight crew.

In continuation of the report, Mr. Saburov reported that monitoring conducted by EACA experts confirmed the compliance of Ashgabat International Airport with international aviation security standards, which allows expanding the multifaceted cooperation of Turkmenistan in the field of civil aviation with other states and international organizations.

In this regard, Mr. Berdimuhamedov emphasized that the positive results of inspections by the EACA experts of the activities of the relevant aviation services and the Ashgabat International Airport indicate the high level and quality of domestic air transport, which allows arranging passenger traffic in the European direction.

Considering that Turkmenistan Airlines operates on a self-supporting basis, the President instructed Deputy Prime Minister B. Ovezov to comprehensively study the issue of establishing air links with cities of the European Union countries. In this regard, it is necessary to determine the most popular areas, based on the calculation of market prices, considering all future expenses and income.

Having decided within two months to comprehensively study the issue of flights to European countries, the President instructed the CEO of Turkmenistan Airlines to prepare an appropriate plan. Moreover, the emphasis was placed on creating comfortable conditions for passengers.

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