Woman blows Air Astana employee for refusing to transport her child

Air Astana clarifies the situation with Mrs. Shynykulova, a passenger who was refused to carry her child without a birth certificate, Zakon.kz writes.

In accordance with the norms of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, when transporting minor children – citizens of Kazakhstan accompanied by adult passengers, the airline requires the provision of a child’s birth certificate, as well as documents confirming kinship and (or) the legal right to transport a minor passenger. Also, during the check-in of a passenger with children, the airline is obliged to check the documents confirming the age of the child (birth certificate or passport).

The passenger Shynykulova arrived at Shymkent International Airport on October 8, 2019 with her four minor children and a nanny. During check-in for a flight to Nur Sultan, she reported that she did not have a birth certificate for one of her minor children and demanded that all passengers be checked-in, despite the absence of a document. The passenger check-in agent informed the passenger that an appropriate document was required for the flight. Mrs. Shynykulova, without leaving the reception, in rude form, accompanied by insults, began to demand from the agent the issuance of a boarding pass for a child without documents. The woman reacted aggressively to any attempts by the airline employee to clarify the requirements of the law, prevented other passengers from checking in, putting children on the luggage belt and threatening arson and a hunger strike. Ultimately, Mrs. Shynykulova dealt two blows to an airline employee.

An airline employee appealed to law enforcement authorities with a statement about the infliction of physical harm on the part of the passenger.

The airline supports the actions of its employee, as it believes that airline employees have the right to perform official duties without fear that they may be subject to physical abuse. This is necessary to maintain order and ensure safety on board the aircraft.

The injured employee of the airline is also a mother with many children, raising four minor children on her own.

Source – http://ca-news.org/

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