Georgian Economy Minister welcomes possible resumption of flights between Russia and Georgia

“We only welcome if Russian official circles reconsider their decision and restore direct air links between Georgia and Russia,” Natia Turnava, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, said after a government meeting.

At the same time, she explained that the fact that Rosaviation (Federal Air Transport Agency) provided Siberian Airlines (S7 Airlines) with the right to operate flights en route Moscow – Kutaisi does not mean the restoration of regular flights to/from Georgia.

“You know my attitude to this issue. We have repeatedly said that we will be happy if Russian official circles reconsider this decision and restore direct air links between Georgia and Russia.

Whatever facts you would call this information has been circulated in the Russian media until it means a restoration of flights. There are a number of formal procedures for this, and we have not received any notification from the Air Administration that flights have been restored. Therefore, I can’t confirm that this is a resumption of flights, but I repeat, we will be happy if this decision is made,” the Minister of Economy said.

The Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency has given permission to Siberian Airlines (S7 Airlines) to operate Moscow – Kutaisi – Moscow flights.

The corresponding document was published on the official website of the Federal Air Transport Agency of Russia.

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