Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency explains why S7 Airlines received clearance for flights to Georgia’s Kutaisi

Obtaining or renewing an airline’s flight clearance is necessary so that in the event of launching air traffic the air carrier has the opportunity to start flying without slowdown, and this is normal practice, a representative of the Federal Air Transport Agency told RIA Novosti, Russia.

S7 Airlines, Russia, received permission to fly to Kutaisi, Georgia, as it follows from the Federal Air Transport Agency’s order.

The Federal Air Transport Agency said, “This is normal practice when airlines extend or obtain flight clearance in order to be able to start flights without slowing down if there is an air connection. Admission is the air company’s right. As soon as restrictions on flights to Georgia are lifted, Siberia (S7) Airlines will be able to use this right.”

“We don’t have any information and refuse to comment,” the airport in Kutaisi informed RIA Novosti. Neither the Georgian Airports Association nor the Civil Aviation Agency have information on the resumption of flights between the countries.

Georgian-Russian relations escalated after Tbilisi protested the visit of Russian deputies who took part in the international conference of Orthodoxy. The capital of Georgia in June was overwhelmed by protests. Against this background, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting Russian airlines from air transporting citizens from Russia to Georgia since July 8 and recommending tour operators and agents not to sell air tickets to this country.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation reported that it would consider the issue of compensation to air carriers for the termination of flights. In early September, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov said that the Ministry of Transport had not yet submitted relevant proposals to the government.

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