S7 Airlines receives admission to operate Moscow – Nur Sultan regular flights

S7 Airlines, Russia, has received the Federal Air Transport Agency’s admission to operate its regular flights en route Moscow, Russia – Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, according to the results of the meeting of the interagency commission under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

The air company will be able to fly on this air route up to seven times a week.

Russia’s UTair, Red Wings and Nordwind also claimed access to these conditions.

Until recently, only Aeroflot, Russia, and Air Astana, Kazakhstan, could carry out their direct regular flights en route Moscow – Nur-Sultan and Moscow – Almaty, as this was stipulated by an agreement between the governments of the two countries that allowed the operation of one air carrier from each state. For several years the Russian Federation has been negotiating the appointment of a second air carrier, however, Kazakhstan did not agree to this, citing the fact that there is no second airline in the country that can compete with Russian ones.

But as a result of negotiations in July 2019, the aviation authorities nevertheless agreed on the appointment of second air carriers. The condition was to provide a maximum of seven frequencies per week, while the second air carrier should not be affiliated with the first one. After that, from the side of Kazakhstan, flights were launched by SCAT Airlines.

Source – http://interfax.az/

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