What foreign airlines to come to the Kazakhstan civil aviation market?

The Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan, told which foreign air carriers expressed their interest in coming to the Kazakhstan’s civil aviation market, Kazinform reported.

“The Civil Aviation Committee (CAC) is working on an ongoing basis to attract new foreign airlines to fly to Kazakhstan. Dozens of meetings are held annually with the aviation authorities of foreign countries to expand Kazakhstan’s air links with foreign countries,” the Civil Aviation Committee said in response to a request from Kazinform.

The CAC noted that there are currently a number of foreign airlines that have expressed their specific intentions to launch and expand their air services to Kazakhstan.

“So, in the coming years, there are plans to launch flights to such large cities, as Doha (Qatar Airways, 2020), Shanghai (China Eastern, 2021), Dubai (Emirates, 2021), Tel Aviv (SCAT Airlines, 2020), Singapore (2020), New York (2023), as well as an increase in the number of flights to Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines, 2020), the CAC reported.

In general, Kazakhstan currently has 99 international air routes with foreign countries.

The Committee also told how many domestic and international flights are subsidized by the state.

“At present, 14 domestic air routes are subsidized in the amount of KZT 2,000,685 thousand (including 7 tourist ones), as well as Nur Sultan – Tokyo international air route in the amount of KZT 1.450 million,” the CAC said. (KZT 390 = USD 1).

Source – http://lenta.inform.kz/

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