Pilot who allowed well-known artist to be at the aircraft helm fired in Egypt

The Civil Aviation Ministry, Egypt, forever suspended the pilot of one of the country’s private airlines, after he allowed the local popular actor to sit at the helm of the aircraft, Trend reported citing RIA Novosti, Russia.

Earlier it became known that the Egyptian aviation authorities suspended the pilot of one of the private Egyptian airlines, as well as his assistant for the duration of the investigation. The reason was a video spread on social networks: in a short video, the popular Egyptian actor and singer Mohammed Ramadan sits at the helm and controls the plane while the captain of the aircraft sits next to him.

“The ministry has taken the necessary measures regarding reckless and irresponsible actions: the cancellation of the pilot’s license from the aircraft commander and its life-long confiscation,” the ministry said in a statement.

Assistant pilot of that scandalous flight suspended from work for one year.

As Al-Ahram news portal previously reported, the plane, which was operated by an Egyptian artist, was flying to the capital of Saudi Arabia. Passengers were on board. “For the first time in my life I fly an airplane,” Mohammed Ramadan wrote on his page on the popular social network.

Source – https://www.trend.az/

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