Georgian Airways starts selling air tickets for flights to Georgia’s Tbilisi with landing in Armenia’s Yerevan

Georgian Airways offered its Moscow, Russia – Tbilisi, Georgia flights with a half-hour landing in Yerevan, Armenia, without boarding passengers and unloading their baggage.

The press service of the airline noted that in Yerevan, passengers do not need to leave the plane and transfer to another one. “In order to provide passengers with a comfortable flight en route Russia – Georgia, while boarding in Yerevan, they remain on board the plane, their luggage is not unloaded, and the maximum transit time will be 35 minutes,” Georgian Airways added.

The cost of air tickets is EUR 193 or RUR 13,726 for round trip flight per person.

A source in the airline industry told Interfax-Tourism that flights with transfers to Tbilisi have existed since the Russia – Georgia flights were banned. “There is nothing new in this. Georgian airlines can carry out their transit flights from Russia, this is not a violation of the law,” he stressed.

On June 21, Vladimir Putin signed a decree temporarily prohibiting Russian airlines from flying from Russia to Georgia since July 8, 2019. Tour operators and travel agents are advised to refrain from selling travel packages to Georgia. The Ministry of Transport also banned Georgian airlines from direct flights to Russia since July 8, 2019.

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