UZAIRWAYS passenger made brawl during a flight from New York to Tashkent

The incident occurred on October 21, 2019. According to preliminary data, the troublemaker was intoxicated.

A passenger flying Uzbekistan Airways flight no. HY102 from New York to Tashkent made a row on board an airplane, the air company’s press service said.

During the flight, the 51-year-old man behaved aggressively towards other passengers and cabin crew. When asked to take his place, he answered with insults and refused to comply with the crew’s requirements. In flight conditions, such actions could threaten safety, so the troublemaker had to be twisted and tied to a chair.

Forced landing due to the incident was avoided and the liner arrived at its destination. In Tashkent, Uzbekistan, linear transport police officers were waiting for the brawler at the gangway.

We note herein this is not the first such incident in the last week. So, on October 18, the Russian plane, flying from Moscow to Phuket, was forced to make an unplanned landing in Tashkent due to a rowdy on board. After removing the intruder from the flight and refueling, the liner continued to fly.

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