Kazakhstan to supply its helicopters to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Kazakhstan will start exporting helicopters assembled in the country to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the Information-Analytic Center reported.

The ceremony of handing over of the first key of such helicopter to the Tajikistan’s Somon Air was held in Nur-Sultan on October 28.

The helicopter was assembled by a joint venture of Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP.

The H125 helicopter purchased by the Tajik Airline is designed for five passenger seats and the company plans to use it for business purposes and tourism.

Sukhrob Juraev, First Deputy Director General, Somon Air, said, “This helicopter is the first milestone for sovereign Tajikistan – to acquire such a famous manufacturer as partners. I am sure that this helicopter will serve the development of both tourism and the airline. We do not even doubt its operational reliability. This is confidence in the future, the development of regional flights and, of course, long-term cooperation with Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering.”

Kuanysh Bishimov, Chairperson, Kazakhstan Engineering National Company JSC, said, “We intend not to stop, to increase our exports. We are negotiating with the Tajik side to further build capacity for up to 5-10 helicopters. We have a start on deliveries to Kyrgyzstan, they have an interest to acquire 10 such helicopters. We also do a lot of work on the export of services (maintenance and repair).”

According to Ruslan Iskakov, Chairperson of Board, KazakhExport Export Insurance Company JSC, the representative office created in April 2019 in Tajikistan carried out its active work to promote this contract.

Mr. Iskakov is sure, “We, as a financial institution, organized financing for this transaction: we provided trade financing together with our partner bank in Tajikistan. As a result, the airline received a five-year loan for the purchase of this helicopter and will be able to pay off in a time convenient for itself.”

Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering is the only company in the CIS and Central Asia that sells helicopters by Airbus Helicopters’ production, assemble and maintain EC145, H125, H130 helicopters, as well as train technicians and pilots in Russian and English.

Source – http://ca-news.org/

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