First Airbus H125 helicopter delivered to Tajikistan – UPDATE

An export helicopter assembled in Kazakhstan handed over to Tajikistan in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan.

This is the Airbus H125, which became the first Airbus helicopter in the country. This was reported by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, Kazakhstan. The Ministry explained the helicopter was assembled by a joint venture named Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP (50% owned by Kazakhstan Engineering National Company JSC, 50% – Airbus Helicopters).

The official transfer of the helicopter took place at the Eurocopter factory with the participation of the Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan, senior management of Airbus Helicopters, Kazakhstan Engineering, KazakhExport and potential/existing customers.

“The helicopter presented today is a reliable and modern machine that surpasses other single-engine helicopters in its class. No wonder this model broke the world record by completing takeoff and landing on Mount Everest. It should be emphasized that the implementation of this project became possible with the active participation, financing and support of the KazakhExport Export Insurance Company JSC,” the Ministry commented.

Recall that Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering is the only company in the CIS and Central Asia that sells Airbus Helicopters’ helicopters, as it assembles and maintains EC145, H125 and H130 helicopters, as well as training studies are provided in Russian and English for technicians and pilots. A service center has been created at the plant to provide qualified services for maintaining the airworthiness of helicopters, as well as repair and technical support. The center provides high-tech equipment, ensures the availability of spare parts and tools in the warehouse of the enterprise. Online service provided by certified professionals ensures a high level of quality, performance and safety.

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