Check before your flight! What perfume was forbidden to carry in hand luggage?

Victor & Rolf’s Spicebomb fragrance is not allowed to be transported across the customs border in hand luggage due to a grenade-shaped bottle, the staff of the London City Airport told Express.

This was caused by the incident that occurred with one of the passengers who was about to fly en route Edinburgh – London. The indicated spirits lay in his suitcase. When he passed through the scanner, the customs officers decided that the man was a terrorist and kept weapons in his luggage.

Spicebomb packaging is a black opaque bottle that completely repeats the shape of a grenade with its golden brand logo encircling it. These perfumes are not allowed to be stored in hand luggage, however, other Victor & Rolf perfumes from the same line, poured into transparent glass bottles, are allowed to be transported.

London City Airport workers also warned that any weapon-shaped perfume could be seized when inspecting passengers’ personal belongings.

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