Moscow has not yet decided how to compensate damage to Russian airlines for tourist embargo of Georgia

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation supports the idea of ​​compensating airlines only direct losses from the ban on flights to/from Georgia, the calculation methodology for the payment of compensations is still being discussed, Deputy Transport Minister Alexander Yurchik told journalists on the sidelines of the Wings of the Future Forum on Thursday.

“Airlines are still convinced that we need to calculate lost profits and some indirect costs. From our point of view, we can only compensate airlines for direct losses,” Mr. Yurchik said.

He noted that the calculations on compensations are ready, however, according to the methodology of these calculations, there is still “a discussion”. “So far, there has been no decision on compensation for the losses of Georgia, there is no final decision as such. The issue is under discussion,” he said.

Yevgeny Dietrich, Russia’s Minister of Transport, reported earlier that the decision of the Russian Federation to ban flights to Georgia (from July 8) will cost airlines approximately RUR 3 billion in losses. “Now the calculations are being made. Previously, we estimated this amount – preliminary, very preliminary – something similar to about RUR 3 billion,” the minister said, noting that this amount includes direct losses and part of the lost profit.

Before the closure of flights, Russia’s Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, S7 Airlines, Red Wings, UTair, and Pobeda flew from Russia to Georgia. Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines, Georgia, were also involved in operating Russia – Georgia flights.

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