AMADEUS tells about new technological developments for airlines

As part of the Future International Aviation Forum, Amadeus spoke about the potential for airlines to use artificial intelligence and innovative scheduling solutions. Advanced tools and new trends will eliminate the shortcomings of the traditional approach and provide competitive advantages, reliability and profitability of schedules.

The 17th International Aviation Forum named ‘Wings of the Future’, which was held on October 30-31, 2019 discussed the main trends and problems in the civil aviation sector. Christian Baillet, Senior Vice President, Airlines, Amadeus Central, Eastern, Southern Europe, participated in the session “Prospects for the development of the air transportation business”. In his speech, he spoke about the prospects of introducing artificial intelligence by airlines, which could potentially reduce costs and increase profits, and shared the results of a joint study by Amadeus and Optym in optimizing airline scheduling.

Amadeus, together with Optym, a developer of transport solutions for automation and optimization, conducted a study of how flight schedules are created today and examined in detail the prospects for introducing new technologies. The use of big data, machine learning, automation and optimization of internal processes open up opportunities for airlines to more effectively plan and increase profits.

“This is a real revolution in the aviation industry. Thanks to optimization in planning, airlines can save up to US $ 150 million annually only by reducing the costs associated with flight delays. Implementing more advanced scheduling approaches can increase the company’s profit by 12.5% ​​per week”, Mr. Baillet noted.

The flight schedule is a key component of the airline’s product, and any improvements that meet the current needs of passengers can increase the company’s profitability. Traditional scheduling approaches are quite complex, require manual control and reduce the effectiveness of operational decisions.

Amadeus is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the global travel and transportation industry. Thanks to a deep understanding of how people prefer to travel, we provide comprehensive, highly effective and mission-critical IT systems for travel agencies, OTA, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, car rental points and other companies in the industry.

Amadeus has over 19,000 employees, offices in 70 countries, and Amadeus’s cutting-edge technology annually provides travel services to 1.6 billion travelers from 190 countries. Global thinking and knowledge of the specifics of local markets allow us to shape the future of the tourism industry for more than 30 years.

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