Azerbaijan is ahead of several developed European countries on air transport efficiency index

According to the Global Competitiveness Index report, Azerbaijan’s 2019 Efficiency Index of air transport services is 79.3 and ranks 12th among 141 countries, Trend reports quoting the report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Tuesday.

According to the report, Azerbaijan’s is ahead of the developed countries like Austria, France (74.9), Germany (74.5), Norway (75.9), Sweden (78.6), the UK (72.2) etc. It is noteworthy that Singapore has the highest Efficiency Index of air transport services which amounts to 95.5 while Lesotho’s index is the lowest (6.0).

It should be noted that the index based on frequency, punctuality, speed and price of air transport services.

Azerbaijan could not overtake such developed countries as the Netherlands (third place), Finland (fourth place), Switzerland (sixth place) and others.

We add that Singapore is the first one in this ranking, whereas the South African country of Lesotho is the last (141st ).

Recall that in general, Azerbaijan ranks 58th in the Global Competitiveness Index. Thus, the country climbed 11 steps in 2019, adding 2.7 points (62.7 points).

The Global Competitiveness Index is a global study and the accompanying ranking of countries of the world in terms of economic competitiveness, compiled annually according to the version of the World Economic Forum.

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