Airline ticket sales for flights from abroad to Uzbekistan increase in price by 1/3 experts analyzed foreign bookings for 2019 and found out from which countries people come to Uzbekistan. The first lines of the ranking were taken by Russia, Kazakhstan and South Korea.

According to the tourist search engine, in general, the demand for airline tickets from abroad to Uzbekistan increased by a third year-on-year with a decrease in the average bill by 5% to UZS 2 million (US $1 = UZS 9,467.27).

More often than others, passengers from Russia fly to Uzbekistan. On average, such a trip costs UZS 1.9 million (US $200) for a roundtrip flight, which is by 8% more affordable, as compared to 2018. The most popular air routes from Russia include flights to Tashkent and Samarkand. Also, passengers continue to fly to Bukhara, Namangan and Ferghana.

Kazakhstan stands the second. Despite the proximity of states, a flight to Uzbekistan costs an average of UZS 1.5 million (US $158). The average bill went up 13% year on year.

South Korea stands the third. A flight from Seoul costs an average of UZS 4.5 million (US $475), which is by 5% less than last year.

Further in the ranking, there are Turkey and Belarus. Passengers from these countries need to pay about UZS 2.9 million (US $306) for a round-trip flight. At the same time, if air tickets from Istanbul to Uzbekistan fell by 3% in price, then from Minsk – they went up in price by 2%.

Azerbaijan and Ukraine share the sixth position, from where, it costs UZS 2.2 – 2.9 million (US $ 232 – 306) to fly to Tashkent.

Following are airline reservations from the United States and the UAE. Air tickets from the USA to Uzbekistan cost an average of UZS 7 million (US $739), and from the Middle East – UZS 3.6 million (US $380). At the same time, according to, a family trip from Dubai to Tashkent for UZS 54 million (US $5,704) without a return ticket has become the most expensive one in 2019.

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