Offer to move Kazakhstan’s Almaty International Airport out of city

Developers of the Almaty-2050 Strategy offered to move the international airport located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, outside the city, the managing director of Almaty City Development Center JSC Aydos Zheksenbai announced, according to the Kazinform News Agency, Kazakhstan.

He noted that according to the strategy proposed by the Hatch Company consultants, six development areas of Almaty will appear.

“They believe that some industrial areas and enterprises can be taken out of the city. Some sections are now occupied by old one-story buildings, which will also need to be demolished up to the section of the occupied airport. Of course, this does not mean that immediately a decision will be made to move the airport out of the city. All this requires a more detailed study. This will be done as part of the Master Plan, the adjustment of which should be completed next year. Everything will already be calculated there and the terms will be set, when and how much,” Mr. Zheksenbai said.

According to him, much attention in the Strategy is paid to develop the lower part of the city, so called Downtown.

“Downtown”, as experts call it, will be located from the Almaty-2 railway station and lower, to the north. Lower margins will develop. When this will happen, will be determined later. Experts suggest this in the long run, around 2040. But note that the city will not expand. Now a large area is occupied by the runway of the airport and the airport itself. And experts say it is possible to make good development here – office or residential and other facilities. And the airport itself could be taken out of city. This issue has, in principle, been discussed previously. There were plans to make an airport in the Zhetygen district, Almaty region. But there are still no details of this development. This is only an offer,” Mr.  Zheksenbai explained.

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