Uzbekistan Airways explains high prices of airline tickets by importing jet fuel from abroad

At least, 30 – 40% of the air ticket cost for Uzbekistan Airways flights forms from the price of jet fuel. For this reason, air tickets are sold at a high price, representatives of the Uzbek Ministry of Transport said in an interview with UzA.

According to Ulugbek Bektoshev, Director, Transport Development Department under the Ministry of Transport, Uzbekistan, jet fuel is bought at a high price abroad due to a lack of domestic supplies. The price of aviation kerosene imported from abroad was US $ 1,200 per metric ton.

Today, the new price for foreign air companies is set at about US $ 890 per metric ton.

According to the mentioned source, Uzbekistan Airports currently imports aviation kerosene from abroad to provide 11 international airports in Uzbekistan.

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