Which planes do the citizens of Kazakhstan fly on?

Many residents of Kazakhstan are thinking about which planes they will fly on a foreign trip or to another city in the country. In social networks, the quality and models of liners are often discussed. Tengri Travel, together with Aviata.kz, an airline and train ticket service, will tell you which planes are available in the air fleets of Kazakhstan airlines.

Boeing 757-200 is a type of aircraft belongs to the narrow-bodied, mid-range passenger aircraft of the Boeing family. They are used in many airlines around the world on routes ranging in length from 3,000 to 7,000 kilometers. Boeing 757-200 carried out its first flight in 1982. Due to the reduced jet fuel consumption and ergonomics, this model has become popular among passenger air carriers. The passenger compartment has two classes, business and economy, and can accommodate more than 200 people. The aircraft is equipped with two Rolls-Royce RB211 jet engines. Among Kazakh airlines, these aircraft are used by Air Astana and SCAT Airlines – each air carrier has four such planes.

The Boeing 737-300 is a mid-range passenger aircraft that was developed based on the Boeing 737-200 aircraft model. Boeing 737-300 belong to the Classic family, which includes aircraft 737-400 and 737-500. He made his first flight in 1984. This model differs from the previous one with an elongated fuselage, a new interior and an altered keel. In addition, other more economical engines and digital avionics were installed on this type of aircraft. The cabin of this aircraft can carry up to 149 passengers. The flight range at full load is 4,176 kilometers. Among Kazakh air carriers, this type of aircraft is available at SCAT Airlines, and there are also three Boeing 737-500s in the air carrier’s fleet.

Boeing 767-300ER – This aircraft was commissioned in 1988 and is a representative of the Boeing 767 wide-body long-range airliners. It was on this model of the aircraft that one of the first long-haul flights was carried out from the USA to Honolulu.

This particular type of aircraft is characterized by high passenger capacity and an increased flight range (Extended Range), which can reach 10,550 kilometers at a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. The long flight range is provided by an increase in the amount of fuel on board by increasing the maximum take-off mass to 185 metric tons.

The aircraft are powered by Pratt & Whitney engines. The cabin has 30 passenger seats for business class and 193 ones of economy class with an individual entertainment system. As regards the air fleets of Kazakh airlines, such aircraft are available from Air Astana, which uses two planes of a similar model. SCAT Airlines has one Boeing 767-300 in its fleet.

Airbus A320 / 321 – these types of aircraft belong to the family of medium-range narrow-body commercial aircraft developed by Airbus in the mid-1980s. The family includes liners A318, A319, A320 and A321, as well as ACJ modifications – business jets based on them. The largest representatives of Airbus aircraft are the A320 and A321 models. The A320 model became the first commercial aircraft in the world with the use of an electronic remote control system and a joystick instead of a helm.

Airbus A320 / 321 aircraft are particularly comfortable and environmentally friendly, as well as low fuel consumption and emissions, as well as a minimum “sound track” in its class. This type of aircraft has two classes of service: business and economy, and also have a passenger capacity of up to 180 people. These aircraft are available in the Air Astana fleet in the amount of 12 units: eight A320 and four A321. The FlyArystan low-cost airline has four Airbus A320s in its fleet.

Boeing 737-700 NG. The Boeing 737-700 passenger airliner is a representative of the Next Generation series and was put into operation in 1997. This is a narrow-body aircraft with two engines, it differs from the basic model of the Boeing 737 with a new wing and tail design, a digital cockpit, more advanced engines and comfortable passenger seats. The aircraft can accommodate up to 149 passengers and carry out flights up to seven hours of flight. SCAT Airlines has this aircraft in its fleet and operates regular domestic flights in Kazakhstan.

The Bombardier CRJ-200 is a modern, narrow-body jet that was commissioned by Canadian-based Canadair in the early 1990s. CRJ-200 airplanes can fly in difficult weather conditions, have enhanced operational characteristics, and are also able to fly in high altitude airfields. They are equipped with the new economical engines General Electric CF-34B1.

The cabin has a capacity of 50 passenger seats and is equipped with comfortable leather chairs. SCAT Airlines and Qazaq Air have these aircraft in their fleets. SCAT has seven such aircraft, whereas   Qazaq Air owns five Bombardier Q400 NextGens. The advantage of this model includes its comfortable brightly lit interior, low noise level, as well as high passenger capacity.

Airplanes Embraer 190 and Embraer 190-E2 – these models relate to narrow-body passenger aircraft that operate medium-range flights from 3,000 to 5,500 kilometers. They were developed by a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, the Embraer 190 model was put into operation in 2006, and the Embraer E190-E2 model was presented 10 years later.

The aircraft has exceptional features that allow the transport of more than 100 passengers. The liner is equipped with four rows of seats (two on each side), which provides more legroom and additional luggage storage. The aircraft of this class improved aerodynamics, upgraded the fuselage and wings, installed new Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engines.

Air Astana owns these aircraft in its fleet namely nine Embraer 190s and two Embraer 190-E2s. The air company plans to replenish its fleet with three more aircraft of this model before the end of 2019. By the way, by order of Air Astana, the face of a snow leopard was applied by airbrushing on the Embraer 190-E2 aircraft.

Fokker 100 is a mid-range passenger aircraft developed by the Dutch company named Fokker. Its maiden flight took place in 1986. This is a narrow-body jet aircraft with a capacity of up to 107 passengers and designed for short and medium flights, 500 – 2,200 kilometers long. The aircraft is very economical and does not consume a large amount of jet fuel. In addition, it uses economical propellers and a unique wing geometry.

The aircraft is equipped with an EFIS digital avionics system manufactured by Collins, USA, with six colour displays to display information about the flight and operation of the on-board systems and power plant. Bek Air Airlines owns ten such aircraft.

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