Bishkek – Moscow flight of Russian Aeroflot Airlines delayed for eight hours

The departure of the Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Moscow, Russia flight operating by Russia’s Aeroflot Airlines from Manas International Airport, Bishkek, was delayed for eight hours, according to the website.

It is known that initially the departure was scheduled at 06:05 am local time. But at the appointed time, the landing was never announced. Only at 06:10 am passengers were informed that the flight was delayed by weather conditions in Bishkek. From late night until morning, a heavy fog was observed at the airport. A little later, information appeared on the timetable indicating that the flight was delayed until 09:00 am.

But after half an hour it became known that time was again being postponed. Moreover, information on the delay appeared on the Aeroflot’s website much earlier. It also reported that the departure was tentatively scheduled for 11:50 am. All this time, passengers were waiting for departure in the cold sterile area hall. Passengers approached airport staff several times to solve the problem. Each time they were told that it was cold outside, therefore the hall did not warm up. At the same time, in the most sterile area there were several large heaters, all of which were turned off.

Due to the long delay of the flight, Aeroflot representatives at first provided passengers with water and hot drinks, and after nine in the morning they also provided hot meals.

Interestingly, on the Aeroflot website itself, the flight delay time changed again later. It was reported that the plane would fly at 01:40 pm Bishkek time.

A little later, all the heaters were turned on in the sterile area of Manas International Airport, according to the passengers of the Aeroflot Airlines’ flight, which was delayed for several hours.

According to them, the situation changed just a few minutes after the problem became known to the media. Three technical specialists came. They turned on the heaters not only in the old hall of the sterile area, but also in the new waiting room. In addition, experts came to check what temperature was in the room in the morning.

The weather around the airport became much warmer and the fog cleared. But the date of departure was postponed for the fifth time. Now, on the Aeroflot company’s online board, it was reported that the departure flight from Bishkek was at 02:10 pm, and information indicating the departure time at the Manas International Airport’s flight schedule board was removed at all.

According to passengers, the plane, which was supposed to make a flight en route Moscow – Bishkek, did not fly to Manas International Airport. Instead, it landed in Almaty, Kazakhstan, due to heavy fog in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

“At about 01:10 pm, we were told that the plane had finally taken off from Almaty. It arrived in Manas International Airport at approximately 01:30 pm. They immediately began to prepare the plane for the flight,” the passengers told.

As a result, flight No. SU1883 flying en route Bishkek – Moscow departed from Manas International Airport with a delay of eight hours.

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