New Azerbaijani aircraft number 1

According to BizavNews, the Boeing 777-200LR (4K-AZ01), which is intended for the government of Azerbaijan, was rolled out of the final assembly shop of The Boeing Company in Seattle.

Previously, ACJ319 was operated with this number. However, analysts say that the new aircraft replaced the Airbus A340-600 (produced in 2006), but there is no official confirmation of this information.

After flight tests and official transfer to the customer, the liner will go for customization in Basel, where the AMAC Aerospace is located. Currently, the government of Azerbaijan also uses ACJ319 and ACJ320.

In 2006, Boeing 777-200LR (“LR” means “Longer Range”) became the most “long-range” commercial airliner in the world. Boeing called this model as World-liner, indicating the possibility of an airliner connecting almost any two airports. The modification had the largest flight range among commercial airliners, as the flight range is 15,843 kilometers. Modification of 777-200LR is designed for extra-long flights. The 777-200LR is equipped with powerful GE90-110B1L jet engines and accommodates up to 317 passengers in a two-class configuration.

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