Plans for EUR 700 million. Construction of new terminal at Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan to begin in the first half of 2020

On Wednesday, November 27, 2019 the Almaty Investment Forum was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in which over 1,000 guests from 30 countries took part. Potential investors included owners and top managers of large international companies operating in various sectors.

The announcement to attract EUR 150 million to modernize develop the Almaty International Airport was the highlight of this Forum. TAV Airports Holding, one of the six largest global companies – airport management operators, was a major investor.

Saparbek Tuyakbaev, Deputy Mayor of Almaty, said, “A project to build a new terminal in Almaty worth EUR 150 million should be signed in the near future. There are plans that its construction will begin in six months. The implementation of this project will take about two years. Also, TAV Airports Holding has preliminary plans to additionally invest about EUR 550 million in Almaty International Airport. This will allow our airport to become the largest transit hub both in passenger and cargo air transportation throughout the region.”

The project to create a new large aviation hub in Almaty has been under consideration for a long time, because Almaty had no less attractive competitors.

Mr. Tuyakbaev also said, “Our capital, Nur-Sultan, was considered as a similar logistic air hub. Tashkent also had its own plans to create a similar center in Central Asia.”

At least two factors influenced the choice of TAV Airports Holding. Firstly, a visa-free 72-hour mode with India and China. This is the potential that Kazakhstan has not yet fully utilized. Secondly, the assignment of the status of “open sky” for the Almaty International Airport, which significantly accelerated the investors’ decision to come to Kazakhstan.

Mr. Tuyakbaev concluded, “In addition, TAV Airports Holding has airports in different parts worldwide, and the airport in Almaty lies just in the area through which it is convenient to lay new air routes. So they mobilize all resources in order to load Almaty. It is in their own interests.”

We will remind, earlier it became known that Venus Airport Investments B.V., the owner of the airport, sells the Almaty International Airport to the international company named TAV Airports Holding. This company is one of the largest airport operators in the world. It operates 14 international airports in seven countries, such as Croatia, Georgia, Latvia, Northern Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey.

In addition, TAV Airports Holding includes subsidiaries to organize on-board catering. This allows the company to be present in a total of 99 airports around the world. Since 2007, the TAV Airports Holding’s shares have been listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

TAV Airports Holding was established in 1997. In 2018, the company serviced about one million flights and provided services for 152 million passengers.

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