Abashidze: Moscow is thinking about restoring air links with Georgia

According to the special representative of the Prime Minister of Georgia on relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze, when meeting with Grigory Karasin, Russia, he raised the issue to restore direct flights en route Georgia – Russia.

According to Mr. Abashidze, Mr. Karasin said that the events in Tbilisi, Georgia, in June 2019 influenced Moscow’s decision to stop direct passenger flights to/from Georgia.

In addition, Mr. Abashidze explained that Russia is currently thinking to restore these flights, but a specific date is not called.

“This issue was raised by Mr. Karasin, and, according to him, the June events in Tbilisi influenced the decision of the Russian side to suspend direct flights. He also said that Moscow was thinking about restoring flights, although he did not give specific dates, we had heard such general statements from him earlier. I informed him it was their prerogative and their decision. Our attitude to these issues is known, we maintain contacts between people and look forward to their solution. When they are ready for this, negotiations between the experts at the technical level to resume flights will probably continue,” Mr. Abashidze said.

Source – https://www.apsny.ge/

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