Passage between the terminals opened at airport in Kazakhstan’s Nur-Sultan

A transitional gallery has opened at the Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport by the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports with reference to the airport.

The transition will connect the terminals T1 and T2 (international and domestic departures). The total area of ​​the gallery will be 1000 sq. m.; its length is 90 meters. A new transitional gallery will allow airport visitors to travel from one terminal to another without going outside.

“The airport in Nur-Sultan meets and issues up to 200 flights and serves more than 14,000 passengers including transit passengers every day, as they until today had to leave one terminal to another across the street during connecting flights. Given the sharply continental climate of the capital, when it is frosty and snowstorms in winter and rain and wind in summer, it was decided to connect the two terminals through a closed passage,” the statement reads.

During the construction, all conditions for a comfortable stay of visitors were met. The transition is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and connected to the central supply and engineering systems, that is, in the winter it is warm, in the summer it is cool. A system of underfloor heating and ventilation is used. The gallery has a separate service entrance for airport employees and organizations involved in the process.

One has currently installed navigation, signs and seats for meeting or escorting visitors. Until the end of this year, it is planned to equip the transition with vending machines, payment terminals and ATMs.

In 2018, the air harbor served 30 thousand flights, the passenger flow amounted to more than 4.5 million passengers. This year it is planned to serve 5 million passengers.

According to the results of 10 months of 2019, the passenger flow amounted to 4.2 million passengers, which is 7% more than the similar results of 2018, and the number of flights amounted to more than 26 thousand flights, which is 3% more than the similar results of 2018.

Currently, the airport works with 15 foreign and 5 domestic passenger airlines.

Thanks to the launching new international destinations in 2019 including flights to Prague, Ulan Bator and Tokyo, the number of passengers served in international destinations increased and achieved over 1.5 million passengers.

The number of passengers served domestically amounted to 2.7 million passengers. The growth in domestic destinations is associated with the emergence of a new airline, FlyArystan, which launched flights to the following destinations: Shymkent, Taraz, Semey, Pavlodar, Kostanay and in December 2019, it plans to launch Nur Sultan – Moscow air service.

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