New airport terminal construction postponed in Kazakhstan’s Kyzylorda

The construction of a new airport terminal will not begin until the end of 2019. The public-private partnership agreement with the investor has not yet been signed, according to the Passenger Transport and Highways Department.

Bakytbek Zhuparbekov, CEO, Passenger Transport and Highways Department, said, “The project cost is KZT 18.9 billion (about US $ 49 million). The other day, investor representatives will be invited to our region, we will discuss the project on how to deal with financing. The agreement has not been concluded yet.”

There are plans the new terminal’s carrying capacities are expected to reach up to 300 passengers per hour.

“Construction will not begin until the end of the year. At present, the existing airport terminal does not meet international requirements. We are in favour of building a new terminal, our city should be more attractive for investors,” he added.

Kyzylorda International Airport is called ‘Korkyt Ata’. Technical equipment allows passing about 150 passengers per hour. City officials urge businessmen to support the construction of a new terminal as part of a public-private partnership. It was previously assumed that construction work will begin at the end of 2019.

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