IHSF conducts another survey of the helicopter industry

The International Helicopter Safety Fund (IHSF) is launching its sixth annual survey of civilian helicopter operators located in key regions of the world to gain a better understanding of where safety initiatives are being implemented. A link to the survey form can be found on the IHSF website.

IHSF regional groups around the world analyzed over 1,000 helicopter crashes and concluded that the following eight areas provide the best options for preventing helicopter crashes:

  • Structured programs that fully comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance;
  • Structured programs for elementary and periodic training;
  • Implementation of safety management systems (SMS);
  • Implementation of flight data monitoring programs (FDM);
  • Installation of collision avoidance systems with wires;
  • Implementation of helicopter use monitoring systems (HUMS);
  • Introduction of automated helicopter use monitoring systems (HUMS);
  • Use of night vison systems if necessary.

The 2019-2020 IHSF study will examine how these best practices are used in specific segments of the helicopter industry and in regions around the world.

Last year’s data showed that the key recommended safety methods were most fully implemented by operators in the sectors of helicopter air ambulance, offshore / oil operations and law enforcement. The smallest number were recorded in the “Personal / Private Sector” segment and in the TV / Radio News sector.

A detailed report on the IHSF Safety Initiative Study last year can be found on the Reviews page on the foundation’s website.

Source – http://www.bizavnews.ru/

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